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Dear Tel Aviv Flowers, Tel Aviv Flowers surpasses all the other florists I have used all over the world. This outstanding service came to my professional need in an emergency and achieved what no other organisation has ever provided for me - at literally two hours notice it made and delivered the most imaginatively, caringly and cleverly arranged bouquet of flowers for a very special and famous celebrity. It specifically delivered this bouquet to ensure that the recipient received it personally in an area where tight security could easily have prevented its delivery. Whereas other international services failed despite several days' notice, in the most tight emergency rescue schedule Tel Aviv Flowers not only succeeded but did in so in style and with meticulous personal care. This is the finest of all florists.

Jon Tolansky - international documentary producer

Thank you for delivering the present to Michelle so efficiently. It looks very nicely presented in the photo she sent us.. I will certainly be recommending your company to my friends. Robyn

Shalom I just want to tell you how THRILLED I am that I not only found a company in Tel Aviv to send a birthday gift locally but how nice the basket looked. I was sent a picture and a thank you! I am bookmarking your website!! Thanks for making two trips to get the basket there! What a pleasure doing business with your company! Thanks again, Janet Mishner

Again thanks for you great service last time and as i said i will get back with one more order as soon as i get the address Thanks, Mike

Hello, the flowers were great. Thank you for your fast and punctual delivery. I will reccomend your services! Joseph London

You did such a good job last time you get a repeat customer! Please send the same basket as last time.Same hotel and with a delivery of Friday afternoon again if possible. Thanks, Mona

Hey thank you VERY much! Sounds like you were very busy today and were really trying hard to complete all the orders...she was very surprised and happy. Can I leave a good review for you online somewhere? Joel

Hey Sandra, Order arrived and she was stunned! Will be using your business again. happy valentines day, enjoy the rest of your night,Jeff

Once again Sandra, you did an amazing job. Thanks for getting this done for me so last minute. Deb (NYC)

Hello, I wanted to thank you about my order, the person received his gift. I would not fail to re-use your services see you soonYoni

Thank you so much. The flowers were beautiful! My daughter was thrilled. Thank you for giving them so quickly. Best wishes Susie Haas(Mrs)

"Ordering flowers abroad can sometimes be tricky. I wanted flowers to be delivered at a senior home, but only had the address and name of the recipient. Sandra did some research on her side, identifying the phone number, unit number and best delivery time. She also kept me constantly up to date on the progress. What an outstanding service! When ordering flowers to be delivered in Tel Aviv, look no further, you won't find better service than at !!! Els De Witte, London"

Shabbat Shalom and many, many thanks! Your flowers were more beautiful than the Website photos. SimPly gorgeous! your flowers and plants and balloon are gorgeous! Thank you for your amazing welcome to our precious nephew! We so appreciate your excellent work!! Julie -San Francisco

Thank you so much. You are wonderful! To think I was able to arrange this so quickly from the other side of the world. It was a mitzvah. Many thanks I will recommend you to others. She loved the basket. Thanks.Susan Silverman Ascher

You guys are absolute the best!!! My mum got the flowers today and you made her chag!! Thank you ever so much. Chag Sameach Jitschak

Thank you so much for helping me to make my daughter Talya's birthday special. The anthurium plant is beautiful and she and Ofer LOVE it. Of course she now has a "years supply" of chocolate ......which she'll probably eat in a month! Maybe not such a great gift just six weeks from her upcoming wedding....but a girl has to have her chocolate anyway! ; ) I will most definitely be ordering from you again. Have a wonderful day! Best Regards,Zara

I ordered a flower delivery today from yourselves. I wanted to say thanks for such a beautiful delivery and the excellent service you provided. I will be using your service again in the future!! Many thanks, Jill

I'd like to express my greatest appreciation for the wonderful service you provided by delivering beautiful roses and great gift basket on time. I'll definitely recommend your business to my friends. Thank you! Irina San Francisco

Thank you from all my heart for your high professionalism and your great attention for all my requests. I will be your customer from this time forever. Kind Regards, Aleksandra

Hello from Sydney Australia , Many thanks for beautiful flowers and prompt delivery to my relatives wedding on the 23/12 . Kind regards and best wishes for the New Year. Lana

Thank you so much. You are wonderful! To think I was able to arrange this so quickly from the other side of the world. It was a mitzvah. Many thanks I will recommend you to others. She loved the basket. Thanks. Susan Silverman

I want thank you for the delivery in Time and for your professionalism. My friend like it, France Lépine

Thank you for delivering the flowers and teddy bear to my daughter so promptly today! She got a phone call about 15 minutes after I submitted the order. It was incredibly easy to order from America. You made a big difference for her...and her cat, as you can see! Todah Rabah!Marcy Lidman

Thank you so much! Amazing service really! I will always use you in the future !!! Thank you :) Masha Zhigunova

Thank you SO much for delivering such a beautiful bouquet of flowers on such short notice. The bride was completely surprised and it truly made her special day unforgettable. Thank you!!! -Marie Barranco

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